Pre-Operative Care & Why Patient Optimization Before Surgery Matters

Pre-Operative Care & Why Patient Optimization Before Surgery Matters

Pre-Operative Care & Patient Optimization Before Surgery

At Whole Health Orthopedic Institute, we perform minimally invasive hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgeries with a concentration on comprehensive patient care in Meadville, Pa. This means that we take the time to foster personal relationships with our patients because we believe that by working together, we can help shape the results of their operation just as much as the surgery itself. This philosophy is largely successful due to the number of incredibly skilled medical personnel and orthopedic surgeons we employ. Our expert team assesses pre-surgical risks and work closely with patients in order to ensure they are set up for success prior to entering the operating room.

This part of the process is known as personalized pre-operative care, and we can use it to determine the best personalized and concierge joint replacement solution for you. Before you make the decision to undergo an elective joint replacement surgery, we feel it is important to define and present the advantages of pre-operative orthopedic care as it can impact the general outcome of your operation.

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What is Pre-Operative Orthopedic Care?

In addition to providing unmatched orthopedic care, Whole Health Orthopedic Institute excels at offering pre-operative care, which we would define as not only physical, but the mental and emotional health of each patient prior to surgery. Each of our patients receive personalized medical support in addition to a nurse navigator, whom they can always reach out to with questions or concerns. This nurse navigator can also aid in the quick recovery of patients regardless of the operation performed by encouraging positive lifestyle changes and alternative treatments.

When Dr. Ryan Molli set out to create Whole Health Orthopedic Institute, he did so with the intent to create an adult reconstruction and joint replacement center that would focus on superior quality sub-specialty orthopedics and comprehensive yet personalized patient care. To this day, this is reflected in the way we handle pre-operative risk assessment and patient optimization before surgery, as well as education and preparation. As the only AOBOS (American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgeons) board-certified and adult reconstruction/sports medicine fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons in Meadville, Pa, our talented staff collaborates to create the best possible preoperative and postoperative plan for each of our individual patients with the ultimate goal of optimizing the results of your joint replacement operation.

Why Does Patient Optimization Before Surgery Matter?

The reason Whole Health Orthopedic Institute puts so much stock into patient optimization before surgery is because of the way it can help minimize potential complications or poor outcomes that may be indicated during a patient’s pre-surgical health assessment. We believe the healing process does not start after the joint replacement, but rather before with the education of patients in regards to risks, complications, and realistic expectations.

George F. “Rick” Hatch III, MD and associate professor of clinical orthopedic surgery at Keck School of Medicine of USC, compared surgery to running a marathon. To paraphrase, without preparation, it is likely we would be disappointed in the general outcome, and the same could be said about preparing our bodies for the stress of surgery. There are certain risk factors we cannot change, such as age or medical history, and others that we can change. These modifiable risk factors include substance abuse and the way we treat current medical conditions, such as diabetes. Our motivation for modifying these behaviors is the overall safety and wellness of our patients.
Comprehensive Patient Care in Meadville, Pa.

At the end of the day, Whole Health Orthopedic Institute’s unique philosophy is part of what has attracted so much talent to us. Prior to joining us, Dr. Philip Frndak actually worked to create a hybrid approach to rehabilitation that would minimize the pain a patient experienced while optimizing the result of their surgery. This work directly influenced our current mission and values at Whole Health. We tend to opt for minimally invasive procedures, or any procedure that will be kinder to the patient’s natural anatomy; this decision, combined with our outlook on treatment and recovery, is largely what sets us apart from other orthopedic practices.

It is the reason we do what we do: to see patients smile and know how much less pain they are experiencing due to our methods. As the patient, you are likely to have the best idea of when you are ready for a joint replacement procedure based on your quality of life and the number of “bad days” you are having. If you feel you may be ready for a minimally invasive joint replacement, contact us today to discuss a consultation.

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Had my left knee done 6 weeks ago, no pain, cant say enough good about your staff.  Have recommended 5 people to your trusted care.  Great job! Having my right knee done next, and looking forward to it!

Thomas G.

Dr. Molli and staff are fantastic, on time, professional, and personable.  Staff at Edgewood were also very professional.  Made the surgical experience as enjoyable as a surgery can be.  I was willing to stay an extra day for the meals and staff!

Mike D.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and found Dr. Molli’s protocol not difficult at all.  The staff both at Whole Health and Edgewood were helpful, considerate and caring.

Jane C.

My surgery went very well and from beginning to the end I was very comfortable with all the stuff I came in contact with.  I was truly impressed with the organization of the office and also Dr. Molli’s expertise and bedside manner – Great Experience!

Douglas D.

If I would have known how much better I would have felt I would have done it much sooner!  Great Job Dr. Molli!

Katrina G.

When you can have a partial knee replacement at 10:30am and be home making yourself an omelet by 5:00pm, you know your surgeon has done a good job!  This was the 2nd knee replacement Dr. Molli has done for me .  I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.  We’re very fortunate that Dr. Molli returned to our area to provide world class care right here in Crawford County.

Sue H.

My hip replacement experience was very efficient and easy.  Needing a hip is much more painful than getting a hip.  Thank You!

Michael K.

I had both of my hips replaced last fall, the second one completed a year ago yesterday. We have since moved to Virginia, but I wanted to send a picture of me up on the ladder, painting the barn, so Dr. Molli could see how well I am doing! I’m so thankful for the great job that Dr. Molli did! If he doesn’t remember me, I am the farmer whose hips he had to chisel out since they hadn’t moved for years! Thank you again.

Erich B.

This medical procedure and related activity was, by far, the absolute best I have encountered!  I am without reservation, 100% satisfied with my surgical outcome and will return for my other knee.  Thank you to all staff involved.

Walter K.

Everyone was pleasant and professional.  They were concerned about pain level and were accommodating.  Pleased with the results of my new knees!

Jane Z.