Spotlight: Certified Physician Assistant Jacob Snyder, PA-C

Spotlight: Certified Physician Assistant Jacob Snyder, PA-C

It’s ironic that Jacob Snyder pursued a career path in orthopedics, because growing up, he was more often than not on the receiving end of broken bones. Snyder played nearly every sport one could think of (“except soccer,” he jokes), which naturally led to a number of orthopedic surgeries performed at Orthopedic Associates. While he considered going into physical therapy, Snyder noticed that he was always seeing Physician Assistants during his visits. Eventually, he asked one about the career path, and the rest, as they say, is history. Snyder was accepted into Lock Haven’s accelerated program, putting him on the fast track to where he is today.

Of course, truth is stranger than fiction, and before Snyder worked with Dr. Molli, he actually knew members of the Molli family based on where he grew up.

“Dr. Molli grew up on the west side of Townville, and I grew up on the east side of Townville,” says Snyder. “I attended Maplewood and knew Dr. Molli’s parents through basketball; in fact, his dad actually coached my sister.”

It seems like fate that Snyder would wind up crossing paths with Dr. Molli yet again and working for Whole Health. Still, one of the first things Molli discussed with Snyder was the Whole Health philosophy, and Snyder says that stuck with him. While some surgical centers simply perform the surgeries, Snyder says there is a noticeable difference when you are working with a patient that has pre-operatively optimized their physical and mental health. He also says the common misconception about physician assistants is the obvious one; PAs are not in training, and they can practice medicine just like a physician can – just with a physician supervising.

“I work really closely with Dr. Molli, Dr. Frndak, Dr. Seon and the Whole Health team,” says Snyder. “I really feel that we offer people as opposed to providers. What I mean by that is, we offer an actual dialogue or conversation. Our environment doesn’t feel as cold or sterile as other medical centers might. I like spending time with my patients; I get to show them exactly what they are dealing with and offer realistic expectations based on that information. At the end of the day, I like to think my patients enjoy visiting me, which can’t be said about all doctor visits.”

Outside of work, Snyder still enjoys playing sports (pickup basketball in particular) spending time with his family, including his newborn son. Snyder hunts with his father and enjoys hiking and bike riding with his wife. He also enjoys real estate investment.

More About Same-Day Shoulder Replacements

Snyder is one of Whole Health’s knowledgeable staff members working with patients requiring hip replacements, knee replacements, and shoulder replacements every day. While shoulder replacement may not be as common, it is just as successful in relieving joint pain. There are a number of conditions that can cause shoulder pain and disability; if you suffer from any of the following, a same-day shoulder joint replacement may be right for you:

  • Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Post-Traumatic Arthritis
  • Rotator Cuff Tear Arthropathy
  • Avascular Necrosis (Osteonecrosis)
  • Severe Fractures

At Whole Health, we believe in educating our patients so they know what kind of habits can assist in a quick and successful recovery. Read more and contact us today to learn about whether a same-day shoulder replacement may be for you, along with lifestyle changes you can make that would supplement any potential procedures.

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Had my left knee done 6 weeks ago, no pain, cant say enough good about your staff.  Have recommended 5 people to your trusted care.  Great job! Having my right knee done next, and looking forward to it!

Thomas G.

Dr. Molli and staff are fantastic, on time, professional, and personable.  Staff at Edgewood were also very professional.  Made the surgical experience as enjoyable as a surgery can be.  I was willing to stay an extra day for the meals and staff!

Mike D.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and found Dr. Molli’s protocol not difficult at all.  The staff both at Whole Health and Edgewood were helpful, considerate and caring.

Jane C.

My surgery went very well and from beginning to the end I was very comfortable with all the stuff I came in contact with.  I was truly impressed with the organization of the office and also Dr. Molli’s expertise and bedside manner – Great Experience!

Douglas D.

If I would have known how much better I would have felt I would have done it much sooner!  Great Job Dr. Molli!

Katrina G.

When you can have a partial knee replacement at 10:30am and be home making yourself an omelet by 5:00pm, you know your surgeon has done a good job!  This was the 2nd knee replacement Dr. Molli has done for me .  I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.  We’re very fortunate that Dr. Molli returned to our area to provide world class care right here in Crawford County.

Sue H.

My hip replacement experience was very efficient and easy.  Needing a hip is much more painful than getting a hip.  Thank You!

Michael K.

I had both of my hips replaced last fall, the second one completed a year ago yesterday. We have since moved to Virginia, but I wanted to send a picture of me up on the ladder, painting the barn, so Dr. Molli could see how well I am doing! I’m so thankful for the great job that Dr. Molli did! If he doesn’t remember me, I am the farmer whose hips he had to chisel out since they hadn’t moved for years! Thank you again.

Erich B.

This medical procedure and related activity was, by far, the absolute best I have encountered!  I am without reservation, 100% satisfied with my surgical outcome and will return for my other knee.  Thank you to all staff involved.

Walter K.

Everyone was pleasant and professional.  They were concerned about pain level and were accommodating.  Pleased with the results of my new knees!

Jane Z.